The Scriptures

We provide ministry training with an unswerving commitment to the Scriptures as absolute truth which can be known with certainty. We understand that all spiritual growth occurs exclusively by the agency of the Holy Spirit through the understanding and application of God’s Word. Therefore, central to our training is the accurate and passionate explication and corresponding exhortation of Scripture.

The Church

We believe the church is best served by shepherds who are dedicated churchmen.Consequently, our training focuses upon more than mere scholasticism and leadership dynamics. We aim to produce dedicated servant leaders of the local church, laboring in the Word of God, prayer, and personal shepherding until Christ is fully formed in God’s people. Students benefit from a faculty of pastors who bring years of fruitful ministry experience and proven spiritual leadership to a classroom environment in a local church context.

The Ministry

The call to pastoral ministry, as a sacred trust and undeserved privilege given by God, is one of utmost dignity and sobriety. Therefore, it is our goal to cultivate and nurture a ministerial passion marked by purity, circumspection, excellence, vigilance, and self-sacrifice. Through close mentoring relationships and pastoral camaraderie, these ministry convictions are sharpened and refined by the example of others. 

The Minister

In training men for the public ministry, our most crucial task is the formation of the spiritual character and maturity necessary for leadership in the church. The role of a pastor demands more than mere academic achievement, administrative skill, interpersonal confidence, or ministry innovation. Our goal is to train men of God for ministry by forging spiritual virtue through discipleship, accountability, and proven faithfulness. 

The Glory of God

Seminary education is, in itself, an expression of worship toward God through service to His church. We strive, therefore, to cultivate a learning environment permeated by the controlling ambition to magnify the glory of God.

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