Navigating the Grey Areas of Life

By Jerry Wragg | 09.10.13 | Articles

Christian young people and their parents face a host of decisions every day that challenge even the most discerning believers. The Bible is very clear on matters such as lying, stealing, coveting, murder, adultery, immorality and many other behaviors explicitly called “sin”. But what about all those daily decisions that fall in between the “black” and “white” of scripture? We usually refer to these as the “gray” areas of life, or issues which are matters of Christian freedom. How do we make wholesome, wise, and Christ-honoring decisions when the Bible seems less definitive, giving us freedom of conscience in some areas? It is not enough to simply ask “what’s wrong with it?” or to reason “I haven’t found a Bible verse prohibiting it, therefore it’s ok”. The following is a brief list of help-ful questions which promote honest reflection, and compel us to think biblically and critically not only about each decision but the motives behind them.

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