I. Scholarship: Students receive the identical high-level instruction and curriculum in every campus location
• Expository preaching based on exegetical analysis of the text in the original language
• Theological framework that is exegetically derived
• Presuppositional approach to Christian apologetics
• Practical disciplines based on skillful application of biblical truth for leading and shepherding a flock

II. Mentorship: Students are intentionally mentored by the campus church pastors/elders
• Students are given extensive behind-the-scenes access to the inner workings of local church leadership
• Senior pastor and his staff meet regularly with students and their families outside of the classroom
• Local church leadership provides hands-on, detailed assessment of each student’s unique gifts and future ministry pursuits

III. Apprenticeship: Students gain valuable hands-on ministry experience in the local church
• Staff meetings, elders meetings, visitation and counseling sessions are made accessible to students whenever appropriate
• Students have ministries within the church (teaching and/or serving) and are given “staff” type roles in church projects, teaching assignments, short-term missions trips, administration, programs, and corporate worship as is fitting in an apprenticeship function
• Each campus church is a healthy model of expository preaching and shepherding the flock of God

IV. Fellowship: Students and their families are cared for by a highly committed church fellowship
• Church volunteers coordinate hospitality care teams on behalf of student families in need of relocation, housing, and employment and ongoing needs.
• The church sponsors an active Seminary Wives Fellowship
• All student families receive intimate prayer support and spiritual encouragement from the church family


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