A Note from the Dean

Welcome to a unique seminary experience! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you about the exciting elements that characterize The Expositors Seminary.

Recognizing that the true man of God must feed his sheep a nutritious diet of truth and knowing that he will not gain God’s approval by serving “spiritual junk food,” our biblical language and exegetical theology requirements are, without apology, quite rigorous. Proficiency in the biblical languages is essential to accurately handling the Word of God.The development of the communication skills of the aspiring biblical expositor is a priority at The Expositors Seminary. Preaching sermons that express the riches gleaned from exegetical study requires thoughtful preparation and reflection by the man of God. Exegetical accuracy and depth is most complimented by expository clarity and pastoral passion. Thus, the ability to carefully unpack the biblical text and the ability to powerfully communicate its contents are essential to an effective pulpit ministry.

The curriculum of The Expositors Seminary is carefully designed to assist the pastor-teacher as he grows in the primary areas of his biblical responsibilities.Throughout his program the student-disciple will be shepherded toward individual spiritual maturity and faithful pastoral ministry by seasoned shepherd-teachers. With the majority of The Expositors Seminary faculty being experienced pastors who are actively serving the local church, we are committed to mentoring men for the highest of callings: pastoral ministry. The venue for this strategic training includes far more than the traditional courses in pastoral theology. Specifically, multiple pastors will intentionally shepherd and mentor each student-disciple individually and in small groups.Our goal, by the grace and enablement of our great God, is not only to equip excellent expositors of the Word of God but also to disciple humble servants who will follow the example of our Chief Shepherd, as under-shepherds of His flock.

In the USA, and throughout the world, churches are in need of pastor-teachers who will faithfully fulfill their ministerial responsibilities while being the men they need to be. If that is the aspiration of your heart, The Expositors Seminary is for you!

Dr. George Zemek, Academic Dean

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