Transfer Students

Admission Policy for Transfer Students

Since the course of study at TES is unique in so many ways, only minimal transfer credits will be considered for possible acceptance (e.g. electives, a comparable Pastoral Resources course, substantive introduction and survey courses, a comparable Church History and Historical Theology course).

Nevertheless, a student who wishes to transfer previously earned credits from another graduate institution must submit an official transcript and catalog from the previous institution, with his application to the Registrar’s Office. The Academic Dean and faculty will determine the acceptability of the coursework, and may allow partial class attendance and/or assign research projects or reading to fulfill course requirements. All courses for which credit or partial credit is granted will be recorded on TES’s official transcript with no record of grade. Determination of transfer credit should be completed prior to matriculation.

Non-Credit Students (Audit Students)

Applicants seeking to take courses as non-credit students (audits) will be allowed to sit in classes providing seats are available for credit students. Requirements include:

  • Completing the first page of the TES Application
  • Completing a registration form for the semester and paying the $25 registration Fee

The cost for auditing a class is $75 per credit hour.

The audit student attends class as an observer, and may not take the instructor’s time from for-credit students via questions and discussion.

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