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    Why Study Eschatology?

    By Matt Waymeyer | 08.08.17 | The Expositors Blog

    I’ve been gearing up to teach Theology III this fall at The Expositors Seminary, which got me thinking about eschatology and why it’s so critical to the Christian life. In surveying the New Testament, I found that meditating on the...

      Your Father Sees

      By Richard Caldwell | 08.01.17 | The Expositors Blog

      Think for a moment about your favorite people. Think about the people you love to be around. Call to mind those whose presence and example have had an impact on your life. Think about the people you would describe with the word...

        Double Trouble for Sinners

        By Paul Shirley | 07.18.17 | The Expositors Blog

        I vividly recall the sense of accomplishment I felt as a little kid when I completed my first chapter book. The name of the book was Double Trouble for Rupert, but I can’t remember what Rupert’s double trouble was. What I do know is...

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