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    Psalm 1: The Path of the Righteous

    By Joel James | 06.02.16 | The Expositors Blog

    How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked… (Psalm 1:1a). Whether you realize it or not, you are being counselled every day, even if you aren't attending "counselling" sessions. How so? Every day the world...

      Psalm 1: The Gatekeeper of the Psalms

      By Joel James | 05.31.16 | The Expositors Blog

      Most commentators agree that Psalm 1 is the gatekeeper of the Psalms. Its task is to prepare you to enjoy and benefit from the following 149 Spirit-inspired songs of worship. Embracing that view of Psalm 1, I find it interesting that the first...

        A Time for Clarity

        By Richard Caldwell | 05.26.16 | The Expositors Blog

        I wish to express a viewpoint that I know is unpopular at the present time. Despite the knowledge that it is currently out of step with what is fashionable, I have a growing sense of urgency about it. Put simply: We are living in a time when...

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