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    The Belligerent Leader: Part 1

    By Jerry Wragg | 01.19.16 | The Expositors Blog

    Aside from moral turpitude, there is hardly anything more incongruous and disgusting than domineering arrogance in a man called to be a tender and patient shepherd. To be blunt: the faithful spiritual leader does not use God-given privileges as a...

      The Begrudged Leader

      By Jerry Wragg | 01.07.16 | The Expositors Blog

      I’ve noticed that in the midst of serious ministry conflict, leaders can often become cynical, negative, and suspicious. When this happens, it’s only a matter of time before the sheep become the target of a shepherd’s...

        Leaders That God Resists

        By Jerry Wragg | 01.05.16 | The Expositors Blog

        No one would deny that immorality in the life of a spiritual leader is one of the most destructive forces encountered by God’s people. The enemy loves to seduce leaders of low conviction into gross moral compromise, and he is tirelessly...


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