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    Post-Sermon Discouragement

    By Richard Caldwell | 02.07.17 | The Expositors Blog

    You are in the car driving home. The smile on your face as you interacted with people following the service hid the preoccupation of your thoughts. There was pain in your heart even while there was a smile on your face. You just laid an egg. At...

      Does Sermon Prep Get Easier?

      By Richard Caldwell | 01.03.17 | The Expositors Blog

      The right kind of experience is always a good thing. We have all known what it is to try something for the first time and to feel like we’re all thumbs. Then, with a little practice, whatever it was that seemed so difficult becomes second...

        Who Asks the Questions?

        By Richard Caldwell | 11.15.16 | The Expositors Blog

        Our world is in turmoil. As I write this, I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room waiting on my wife’s knee surgery to be finished. It is two days after Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States, and there...

          Heroes from a Distance

          By Richard Caldwell | 10.13.16 | The Expositors Blog

          I’ve often wondered about something throughout the many years I’ve been privileged to shepherd souls. The thought that has come to mind is, “You claim to love and admire this person you have never personally encountered. I...


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