Ungodly Dating Relationships: How to Avoid Getting Stung

By Jerry Wragg | 09.05.13 | Articles

Dating. The very word can evoke strong feelings, both good and bad. Many books in recent years have tried to clear up some of the confusion, but they’ve often raised additional ques- tions that further cloud the issue. The principles outlined in this brief essay are not designed to critique the various views on dat- ing. In fact, it’s not really a discussion of dating at all. Rather, the purpose here is to get very specific about how relationships quickly get into trouble, and to articulate principles that help the people of God avoid the perils of an ungodly relationship.

Is emotional attachment simply spending too much time together? Not at all. In fact, spending an increasing amount of time to- gether is a normal part of even a  God-honoring  relation- ship. However, time can be an enemy if two immature people spend it selfishly using and consuming the relationship  rather than serving it.

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